Depth of Field in 3ds max – Tutorial

3ds Max Tutorial – Depth Of Field In 3ds Max

In this 3ds Max tutorial I will show you how to create / use camera depth of field in 3ds Max using a Vray physical camera. Depth of field or DOF for short, is when you only have certain objects in focus in your 3dsmax scene. You can blur the background or blur the foreground to focus the viewer’s attention onto a character or object.

You can also animate the focus point on the Vray physical camera to animate the depth of field (DOF).

A larger aperture (smaller f-stop number) will make the depth of field area more shallow, while a smaller aperture (larger f-stop number) will make the depth of field area bigger, so that you have everything in focus.

The Vray Physical camera in 3ds Max can be used as a stills or video camera – giving you different settings such as Shutter speed in 3dsmax, or shutter angle. A zdepth (z-depth) pass can also be rendered so that you can apply the amount of blur when doing compositing in software such as Adobe After Effects. I might do a tutorial on z-depth pass later on.

If you have any questions regarding depth of field (DOF) in 3dsmax please leave your questions / comments below.

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