How To Parent Your Realflow Emitter To A Moving Object

Realflow Tutorial – How To Parent Emitter To Moving Object

In this Realflow Tutorial I will show you how to link or parent your realflow emitter to a moving or animating object. We export our animated scene from 3dsmax and then link the emitter to that object.

With Realflow you can do some amazing liquid simulations for motion graphics, VFX (visual effects) for movies and more! Realflow is one of the leading software packages for liquid and water simulations. In Realflow 2014 it’s even easier than ever to create amazing liquid simulations quicker than before! You can export your simulation from Realflow to 3d packages like 3dsmax, Blender, Maya and Cinema4d.

Realflow to 3dsmax Tutorial:…

Any questions regarding Realflow 2014 please ask away in the comments below and I will try my best to answer.

Let me know if there is any specific tutorial you would like to see on this channel.


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