PFTrack Object Tracking – Tutorial

PFTrack Tutorial – 3D Object Tracking Tutorial

In this tutorial I explain how to do 3d object tracking in PFTrack 2014. 3d object tracking is one of the most important and most useful effects to do in the VFX industry! Using 3d object tracking you can replace objects within your scene. You can also add to object – say you need to replace a label on a bottle, you can design the label in 3d and track that to the moving object / bottle. 3d object tracking can also be used to add scars / marks to an actor’s face. You can use object tracking to add marks / paint / bullet holes to vehicles. There are basically endless uses for 3d object tracking.

You can also combine 3d camera tracking and 3d object tracking if you need to track your camera movement, as well as a moving object within that scene… Imagine the possibilities!

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