Plants vs Zombies – The Sequel (Progress on the short film)

Plants vs Zombies – The Sequel (Progress on the short film)

In July 2014 we release a little short film based on the popular video game, Plants vs Zombies by PopCap Games, and in a few short months we passed 50 000 views!! Currently with just over 60 000 views and still getting quite a bit every day we decided that it’s time for a sequel.

The first video:

So a few months back we created a Facebook Group and started gathering extras for the shoot! Martin Venter who starred in the first video as Crazy Dave was onboard and things started to move towards the shooting day!


The PvZ Official Shotlist

El Wolf (co-director) and myself started working on the Shotlist and the shooting day was scheduled.

Shooting Day:

El applying some beard-magic as Martin transformed into Crazy Dave

The day started with Martin being transformed into Crazy Dave! Then onto location – We only had about 6 extras (we hoped for 20) so we had to rewrite parts of the script to accommodate for less zombies. ARGGG – But no worries, everything was under control!


Zombies getting ready for ACTION!

Shooting went without any major problems and we finished just in time as the sun was disappearing – Winter in South Africa…

Some more pics from the day:

Baby Zombie!


Disco Zombie ready to DANCE!

24 July 2015 – Post Production:

Post production started! About 13 VFX heavy shots to complete with FumeFX dust simulations, liquid simulations – lots of physic simulations and many hours of rendering, and I am the only one working on post production – one man band baby! PHEW!

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.06.26 PM

Thanks Philip Curran for the amazing 3D Model!!

Some more 3ds Max goodness:

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.05.45 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.03.34 PM

vRay render of the Peashooter plant!

Happy to say that the first VFX shot is in the bag! Rendered, done, and filed away! Here is a sneak peak:

VFX shot #1

The final video will be published on TunnelvizionTV but I will keep you all updated – No dates yet 🙂

To be continued!

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